Wellness Center

Our overarching goal is multifaceted: we strive to enhance awareness of the myriad support services available to students, foster a culture of self-reliance and empowerment, and forge meaningful partnerships to strengthen familial connections. Through these initiatives, we aim to cultivate a community where every student feels supported and empowered to thrive.

Within our center, students have access to a comprehensive array of resources tailored to address various facets of well-being. This includes mental health services and emotional well-being support, providing a vital lifeline for those navigating personal challenges. We also offer practical assistance with enrollment in essential government aid programs such as Cal-Fresh/Medi-Cal, ensuring that students have access to crucial resources for their physical health and nutrition.

Moreover, our center provides case management services to guide students through complex situations, along with dedicated support for those seeking recovery from drug or alcohol dependency. Recognizing the importance of healthy relationships, we offer programs and resources to promote positive interpersonal connections among students.

In addition, our services extend to legal aid, LGBTQIA+/gender identity navigation, health education, mentoring, and support for military families, among other invaluable resources. By addressing these diverse needs, our wellness center serves as a beacon of support and empowerment for students from all walks of life.

Contact Information


Phono: 619-510-4700 Ext. 3040

Located Behind the Library

The wellness center is behind the library, next to the bungalows at the very back. It has a big sign that says wellness center and inside someone will appoint based on your reason for the visit.