IMIN serves as a vital resource for before and after-school clubs, offering support in various areas including materials procurement, community engagement, recruitment, event coordination, teacher advisor compensation, and project facilitation. Additionally, IMIN takes pride in organizing regular after-school events like the College and Career Fair and the Chili Cook-Off, enhancing campus life and fostering community spirit.

One distinctive aspect of IMIN’s operation is its funding mechanism, which hinges on attendance data collected from each student group. This data informs budget allocation throughout the year, with priority funding granted to large groups, whose consistent attendance significantly contributes to IMIN’s overall engagement metrics.

Moreover, IMIN extends its support to students beyond club activities, providing access to food and snacks in the IMIN room, and creating a welcoming and nourishing environment for after-school endeavors.

Location: ROOm 801

Located next to the music room a few doors after. After school they have a sign guiding you towards the room to get snacks and often they hot game and events in the quad.